900 Series HDMI Features: x.v.Color Extended Colour Range Ideal for advanced HD TVs with xvYCC colour, also called x.v.Colour. This widens the number of available colours giving 1.8 times more colours than standard RGB. Eye Pattern tested The industry standard for checking the quality and integrity of HDMI cables. All our HDMI cables exceed the HDMI standards. HDMI-CEC Automated Audio/Video Control Support for the HDMI Consumer Electronics Control channel, enabling automated audio/video component setup and control. 1080p Today’s 1080p HDTVs benefit from a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels – 1,080 lines of vertical resolution. All our cables support 1080p and our 700 and 900 series support even higher resolutions than 1080p for unparalleled clarity and realism. 120Hz Display Allows smoother, more fluid video reproduction of fast action content, like sport. 12-bit Colour 12-bit colour, also called Deep Colour, is available from advanced HD sources and displays. Allows greater colour depth, giving more detailed gradations of individual colours. 8-bit Colour 8-bit colour is the conventional colour depth for standard definition TVs and first-generation HD TVs for up to 16 million colours. Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio Lossless technology delivering tantalizing sound – bitfor- bit identical to the studio master, for sound as stunning as the high-definition picture. Plug it in, forget about it… Cambridge Audio brings you a range of cables designed and engineered to offer you a lifetime of entertainment. Every cable is both simple to install and will deliver the same level of performance year after year. That’s why all our cables come with a no-quibble lifetime warranty