Monitor Audio Airstream 10 Internet/WI FI, DAB, FM Radio System

Monitor Audio’s AirStream 10 Internet/ Wi-Fi, Dab, FM Radio System is a whole new way to enjoy radio. By combining the power of the Internet with an uncomplicated user interface and luxury design, the Monitor Audio AirStream 10 Internet/ Wi-Fi, Dab, FM Radio System lets you experience over 15,000 Internet radio stations, global music services and every music file on your home network. It even reaches into analogue to give you FM with RDS and full digital DAB; it also offers a way to plug in your MP3 player and hi-fi system

The design of the Monitor Audio AirStream 10 Internet/ Wi-Fi, Dab, FM Radio System is simply not just a case of being different for the sake of it. The unique shape enables you to utilise two different rotational options improving it’s versatility around your home; stand it on a shelf, close to a wall, or lay it flat on a bedside table, it’s up to you? What’s more, the use of high quality materials like real wood veneer and aluminium casework, greatly improve the sound quality and durability of AirStream 10 providing a stylish look and quality feel that will sit perfectly in any traditional or contemporary interior space.

The Monitor Audio AirStream 10 can connect with any Wi-Fi network, at home or in an office. Once it’s turned on it’ll automatically pick up the available Wi-Fi networks allowing you to access thousands of internet radio stations and podcasts from anywhere in the World. If you have a hard drive or storage device where you keep your music, the Monitor Audio AirStream 10 Internet/ Wi-Fi, Dab, FM Radio System will also connect via Wi-Fi to that, it’ll even update itself; you don’t even need your computer on, as long as the router is on it’ll connect in through that. Easy

Monitor Audio’s Platinum loudspeakers are engineered to achieve the most natural sound possible. Every component part is produced to exacting standards and each speaker is carefully hand-built by our small team of technicians. The Platinum Series represents the epitome of British design and quality, demonstrating Monitor Audio’s devotion to music and film sound reproduction. It is these exacting high standards of quality design, build and performance that can be found in the Monitor Audio AirStream 10 and across our range of loudspeakers.

  • Internet radio (IP) with ‘podcast’ or ‘on demand’ content.
  • RJ45 Ethernet network connector – For wired operation.
  • Wi-Fi with high gain antenna. 802.11b/g – WEP, WPA, WPA2 security
  • Music player with streaming capability from network connected storage devices such as; NAS (network attached storage) device, or computer.
  • Automatic firmware/software updates via internet.
  • UPnP support (Universal Plug ‘n’ Play)
  • DAB (digital) radio (UK version only)
  • FM radio with Full Band III reception with RDS functions.
  • Speaker: Full-range 3.5″ in-house designed woofer.
  • Audio power output: 7W Class A-B amplification.
  • Output connectors: 3.5mm Headphone socket, 3.5mm Line out socket – For connection for play back through a hi-fi system
  • Format support for: MP3, WMA, Real Audio (RA), AAC