If the radio is an important thing in your life – a valuable business partner , relaxing moments or hours of reading – you might find the new Radio by Henry Kloss Model One table irresistible. The Model One Radio is capable of a stunning high-fidelity sound and receives many more stations more expensive tuners . Flat on your desk , on a kitchen table , in the bedroom or in the dining room , at home, in the office, the shop, the Henry Kloss Model One will involve you in the pleasure of listening to the radio like no other hifi component to date. Just as a sculptor that eliminates anything that does not have resemblance to its subject, the legendary designer Henry Kloss decided to omit all the accessories that do not increase your listening pleasure , including the digital display. The result is a mono radio AM / FM radio measuring just eight inches wide by four inches in height and five deep with only three controls : the first allows you to turn it on and switch the AM or FM band , the second one allows you to adjust the volume , the third is a circular knob to adjust the tuning . Even the power supply is built-in so it is not necessary to use an awkward external transformer (in each case a socket for 12 Volt allows you to use the radio in the car or boat ) . The cabinet is built in wood, not only for aesthetic but also to provide it with a loudspeaker of high quality that does not colorasse sound. E ‘ equipped with an input for an external source such as a CD player or cassette as it is equipped with a headphone outputs and tape recording . The brilliant career of Henry Kloss takes us back to those days when FM broadcasts were the best available source for listening to music. Although Kloss is famous for many other primates , his legendary radio KLH and dell’Advent , dated more than thirty years are still used and kept with regard to thousands of people who are lucky possessor. The new Radio Model One table is direct descendant of these classics.